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Educational Assistance Programs  
Congregation provides social welfare services to alleviate the devastating effects of poverty on the community.
Monthly social action activities for families with children grades K-3.
Congregation adopts local at-risk public school.
Collect and distribute books to under-resourced classrooms or disadvantaged families.
Congregation Beth Yam in Hilton Head, South Carolina has been working with the Children's Center on behalf of low-income children.
Outreach program to advise and support individuals affected by the current adverse economic climate by providing a free online job bank, confidential hotline and training classes.
The Temple put social action as the centerpiece of its culture. By creating on-going programs in many different areas the congregation enables its members to be involved in many different areas of Social Action work.
Congregation adopts a school in a poverty-stricken neighborhood.
The Temple has built a strong social action program which has seeked to mazimize opportunities for members to be involved.
The congregation collaborated with the administration of a local inner city school. Congregants tutored students, others provided supplies and money for field trips, while others gave their time during after school projects.
Temple Sinai provided a breakfast program for a local public school
Pairing congregants with foster children to provide gifts, arrange special events and help subsidize costs for foster parents in need.
Tzedekah collective to fund a variety of projects throughout the year.
A social action program where funding and supporting a religious school congregation in the Former Soviet Union is done.
A congregation's initiative that focused on three programs that have been particularly successful: a homeless shelter for men to assist them and offer support; an AIDS education program; Mitzvah Day program which supported and helped the wider community in meaningful and profound ways.
Health fair provides important health, safety, nutritional, and insurance information to the local community.
A synagogue and an African American Baptist Church united to create an after-school academic enrichment program.
A synagogue “adopted” a local low-income public school by donating school supplies and volunteering as tutors and mentors.
Temple Emanuel in Westfield, NJ established a program to help underserved children reach their educational goals.
Congregation collaborates with a local church and a local mosque for its annual Mitzvah Day.
The congregation continues to do tikkun olam projects through partnerships with various churches and other inter-faith groups throughout the year.
The Temple created a tuition free learning center that allows the economically disadvantaged to gain important job skills allowing them to move towards economic self-suffiency.
Shul-In educates youth about the special needs of physically and mentally challenged adults.
A synagogue's Social Action Committee has implemented an ongoing program of tikkun olam. The synagogue creates year-round programs, demonstrating the congregant's unwavering commitment to those is need, at home or abroad.
Partnership with PEILE, a Guatemalan nonprofit organization building schools in underserved areas.
The synagogue's B'nai Mitzvah students, teens, and adults work together to improve literacy through tutoring programs, donations of books and backpacks, and through volunteer at after school programs.
Congregants worked together with First AME Zion Church to mentor and tutor 4th grade students at Main Street Elementary.
The congregation created a Free Medical Program for those in their community who do not have access to afforable health insurance.
A community's initiative program which suggested inviting guests to a "Mini-Mitzvah Day" after services to add a socially responsible element to Bar and Bat Mitzvah celebrations.
A congregation's Mitzvah Day initiative which has turned its efforts to a Mitzvah Weekend, educating and learning about the weekend's theme: Foster Children. The Mitzvah Weekend began at Friday night services with a speaker, who updated congregants on the status of the local state's foster care system. The next morning, congregants met for a panel discussion that outlined the needs of foster children in the local area.
North American students and congregants help Ethiopian Jews in Ethiopia and Israel.
The congregation developed an overall social action program where the values of social justice were included in worship, study, communal activities, and board discussions. From these discussions, they devloped a comprehensive social action program that involved hundreds of congregants during the year.
Congregation Emanu-el in San Francisco, CA created Project H.E.L.P.
Central Synagogue in NYC formed a partnership with PS84
A synagogue's initiative to infuse social action to its congregants by compelling the congregants, including its youth, to speak out and become involved in the Temple's activities. Temple members have been involved in an AIDS lunch program, repairing homes, collection of food and clothing projects, as well as various other social action programs and advocacy work.
The synagogue's goals are to dismantle racism and economic injustice. They do this by working with other inter-faith groups, by mentoring at local schools, by helping out at Habitat for Humanity, and in many other ways.
This congregation worked in partnership with Na Me Res (A First Nations organization) to commit itself to respond to homelessness.
The synagogue worked together with other community members to help revitalize a Day Care Center in the inner-city.
By rotating where donations are directed, one's contribution to the tzedakah box can serve a variety of efforts.
Congregation supports local underprivileged community using Maimonides' teaching that the highest form of tzedakah is to help people help themselves.
This program helps and assists more than one hundred Jewish families from the Former Soviet Union in adjusting to life in a new country and in reconnecting with their Jewish heritage.
Members of the social action committee at Congregation Gates of Heaven helped a Nursery school
Temple Brith Kodesh in Rochester, NY partnered with a local elementary to provide programs and support
Reform Jews can help serve the blind and the visually handicapped by volunteering to tape a book or other articles.
A monthly endeavour to collect various items to benefit organizations that provide aid and assistance to people in need. These organizations serve the homeless and people of all faiths.
The Temple partnered with two churches in the South Bronx in order to foster connections between the communities. Through tutoring, blood drives, homeless shelters, and other means, the communities have worked together through iner-faith relations to help make our world a better place.
A synagogue co-partners with a local Presbyterian Church and other supporting congregations and organizations in a program to take working homeless families through proscribed steps or phases to make them self-sufficient.
A grant program available for public school teachers for educational programs that address community needs.
The Giving Tree is an annual gift-giving program that benefits children, families, and seniors that would not normally have the funds to celebrate the holidays. This program has blossomed into a year-round programming project benefiting over 2,000 people.
The synagogue has partnered with a local elementary school to improve the literacy of the students. By donating money for new books, buying books, and creating tutoring programs, the synagogue has shown what it means to be "The People of the Book."
A congregation's Tzedakah Collective demonstrates the synagogue's dedication to social justice through its various activities.
The Ubumwe Center Preschool Project has two main goals: education and fundraising.
The Temple began a program in which congregants teach what they know best to homeless residents at a neighborhood shelter. In addition, the Temple created a library for the homeless shelter and formed a tutoring program.
Congregation creates a year of programs and opportunities to reflect on and perform tzedakah.
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