September 29, 2016   26 Elul 5776
Neighborhood Clean-Up
Aug. 21, 2013
Engage congregants in an act of tikkun olam with a group clean-up of a neighborhood locale.

Neighborhood Clean-Up


  • Educate congregants about the issues of environmentalism and the persistence of litter
  • Engage the congregants in an act of tikkun olam by organizing a neighborhood clean-up of a park, beach, or neighborhood
  • Activity is great for kids and religious schools!

Overview: Although most have come to expect litter and trash in vacant lots, at athletic fields and in public parks, there's a price for allowing it to accumulate.

Here are some reasons why cleaning up litter is important to community health and well-being:

• Litter is an environmental hazard. Land-based litter finds its way into the environment, where it affects the wildlife and water resources.
• Litter can cause injury and even death to wildlife, birds, fish and domestic animals, not to mention children.
•Litter is a health hazard. It spreads disease and breeds rats, roaches, flies and mosquitoes.
• Litter feeds or causes building fires and approximately one in every three forest fires is attributed to trash fires.
•Taxpayers and businesses are hit every year with the cost of removing unsightly and unsanitary litter

This neighborhood clean up will provide kids and adults the opportunity to do some beautification and help the environment. Implementation: Contact your local government organizations to get approval and assistance for a neighborhood clean up and ideas for areas that could use some beautification.

Next, get together your clean up crew by advertising in your synagogue bulletin or creating a class project around it. When you have a date, time and location set up, go to local businesses to solicit supplies (gloves, trash bags, rakes, etc.) for the clean up. Bring refreshments and drinks on the day of the clean up, and spend 3-4 hours picking up trash and beautifying the area. Be sure to separate out recycling and garbage.

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