December 20, 2014   28 Kislev 5775
Congregational Job Help Hotline: TRTCares
Mar. 13, 2009
Outreach program to advise and support individuals affected by the current adverse economic climate by providing a free online job bank, confidential hotline and training classes.

Community Contact Information:
Temple Rodeph Torah
Marlboro, NJ


  • Help those in need during the economic crisis.
  • Provide the congregation with a way to respond to the crisis.
  • Work with other congregations and faiths to respond on a larger scale.

TRTCares is a non-profit, nondenominational outreach program to advise and support individuals in the local community who have been affected by the current adverse economic climate by providing a free online job bank, confidential hotline and training classes.

Six people were chosen as the Executive Committee (EC) to oversee every aspect of the program’s creation and execution. This program has been marketed through a full-page advertisement that was sent to all area churches and synagogues, newspapers and other media. Ongoing marketing efforts have been pursued through posters, advertisements, press releasesand articles in local newspapers and national news outlets.

Project Implementation:
Anyone may call the confidential phone number at any time, 24/7. Those answering the phone have been trained to receive the calls, analyze the problem(s) and contact the appropriate task force administrators (a release of liability must be signed before participating). Administrators assign individual specialists to call, giving the caller’s name or pseudonym (only the initial phone answerer has the caller’s real name). No volunteer is asked to do more than 2 hours of work per month.

After the individual specialist contacts the caller, he/she reports back to the administrator with the results and with suggestions for follow-up. One week after the process begins, the original phone answerer calls the participant again to make sure he/she was reached, gather feedback, see what other help is needed and reaffirm that “TRT Cares.”

First-call help is provided with no strings attached, followed by advice on how the caller might proceed. Referral lists are available for those callers who want further assistance, but TRTCares does not make automatic referrals to for-profit organizations or individuals. All volunteers have signed releases that they will not solicit or accept callers as clients for 12 months.

This program has helped community members take the next steps to put their lives back on track after experiencing hardships during this severe economic time.  In addition to providing help through the hotline, TRTCares’ Career Counseling Committee has expanded its efforts by holding six workshops on topics such as Networking, Using Linkedin, Success Stories, Interviewing  and How to Approach Potential Employers.

The program has already fulfilled a major need: providing a way for community members to respond to the hardships and pain which we see around us on a daily basis as the economic crisis deepens and spreads. Almost every volunteer has said “thank you for giving me a way to help, because I felt helpless until now.”

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